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Even Ralph Nadar is annoyed by the ‘absurd’ culture of safe spaces, Black Lives Matter and trigger warnings

Logically-minded people have received a new ally in the fight against Generation Outrage – none other than former presidential nominee Ralph Nader. It says a lot to just how overboard the politically correct leftists have gone that Nader, of all people, has begun speaking out against their lunacy.

In an interview with Pacific Standard, Nader went off on the wimpy nature of millennials, stating, “I mean, you repress people, you engage in anger, and what you do is turn people into skins that are blistered by moonbeams. Young men now are far too sensitive because they’ve never been in a draft. They’ve never had a sergeant say, ‘Hit the ground and do 50 push-ups and I don’t care if there’s mud there.'”

Nader’s comments come at a time when people seem to feel more demonized by the Regressive Left than ever before. People are deathly afraid to make the kind of off-color jokes that Nader argues were once a vital way of bonding. “They used ethnic jokes to reduce tension in the 1930s, ’40s, ’50s. And they’d laugh at each other’s jokes and hurl another one.” In 2016, there is no way of that happening, and as a result, there’s considerable tension among ethnicities.

Many could argue that tension between blacks and whites is higher than it has been in decades. Perhaps some laughter between the two races is all that’s needed to put an end to that. Instead, we’re reverting back to a segregated society, where whites aren’t allowed in safe spaces occupied by “people of color.”

Nader’s criticisms continue from there. Among his targets are slacktivism, Black Lives Matter and modern television. At times, Nader seems a bit curmudgeonly, but more often than not, he seems to have a very firm grasp on what is happening not only on college campuses, but all across the country.

Nader was chosen as the Green Party’s presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000. Perhaps he should consider running for president of a liberal arts college to instill programs that help toughen up these annoying wimps.


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